In today’s global economy, companies are facing new challenges when it comes to managing remote offices, shops, factories and more. 

With the growth of cloud-based services, intelligence at the device level is crucial for applications powering enterprise IoT solutions.

Originally, emphasis was on high-speed transporting of information from devices to data centers where it could be analyzed and stored. As larger amounts of data are processed, it has become increasingly expensive to transport, sort and store data at the center. The emphasis is shifting from data quantity to data quality.

In IoT building automation, real-time decisions need to be made at the device level, requiring more intelligence at the network edge. Smart devices will analyze information onsite and send only relevant information back to the center, reducing network demands, not to mention the analyzing and storing of all that data.

MultiTech helps you overcome those challenges with equipment that enables:

  • Wireless failover
  • Wireline replacement
  • Parallel networking
  • Remote equipment management and control
  • Facility automation
  • Secure data transfer



Facilities Management

Maintaining a comfortable, safe and healthy environment requires many systems to work seamlessly together. From monitoring HVAC to lighting to access control, MultiTech has the devices you need to optimize your energy consumption, cleaning service and more. 



Video Surveillance

With broadband cellular access, including Private LTE, MultiTech makes connecting cameras simple and affordable while supporting high speed video streaming for real-time security.




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MultiTech Conduit®

Programmable Gateway for the Internet of Things

The Conduit® (MTCDT Series) is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable LoRa gateway for industrial IoT applications. This indoor industrial gateway, ideal for environments that require metal casing for protection against particles and debris and require an industrial temperature range.


MultiConnect® rCell 500 Series

LTE Cellular Router

Designed specifically for the European market, the MultiConnect® rCell 500 Series is an easy to configure LTE broadband wireless and Ethernet router.


MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series

Cellular Routers

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 series of industrial cellular routers supports multiple cellular technologies, is certified by the major carriers, and has a durable design and a long stable lifecycle. In addition, its complimentary remote device management platform lowers the total cost of ownership. 


MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series

Cellular Modems for IoT

MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular modems (MTC Series) support 4G-LTE (Cat 4 and Cat M1) technologies, are carrier approved, and fully certified for deployment in multiple geographies around the world. Designed specifically for M2M applications, they provide a long and stable lifecycle. In addition to being durable/reliable, they offer multiple interface options for both fixed and mobile assets.


MultiConnect® eCell

LTE Cellular to Ethernet Bridge

The MultiConnect® eCell (MTE Series) LTE cellular to Ethernet bridge makes adding cellular connectivity to existing wired assets quick and easy. Providing wireless failover to prevent network outages to vending machines, kiosks, digital signs, ATM machines and countless other fixed assets that require reliable, always-on connectivity.


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