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Communication Solutions for the Internet of Things

MultiTech makes products that connect you to your assets. We leverage proven, standards-based sensor and communications technologies and open architectures to bring systems and processes into the future in order to drive new revenue streams and efficiencies with actionable data.

Why choose MultiTech for your IoT project?

Passion for Service

  • Trusted partner and extension of your team
  • Committed to your success
  • Known to meet and exceed expectations
  • Outstanding service and support throughout the development, deployment and maintenance of your solution

Relentless Innovation

  • Never stop looking for novel ways to solve problems with technology
  • We wade through complexity on your behalf
  • Solutions are easy to deploy, use and manage
  • Continuous learning and experimentation
  • Ahead of the latest technologies, trends and transitions
  • History of industry firsts for us and our customers

Operational Agility

  • Manufacturing for any volume or service level
  • In-house, US-based manufacturing headquarters for highest quality
  • Off-shore manufacturing centers provide cost-optimized, diversified manufacturing and supply chain options
  • Agility and flexibility to manufacture devices optimized for performance and value


Work with the global leader in LoRaWAN® and cellular for IoT.

Our products use leading, proven, standards-based wireless technologies to enable simple, scalable connectivity between assets and applications. We use open architectures for maximum flexibility.


• Wide area network for battery powered things
• Choice of deployment options
• Cost optimized for big value from small data


• Standards-based coverage around the globe 
• End-device certified to simplify deployment
• Expertise to help manage generational upgrades

CBRS & Private LTE

• Provide wireless coverage where none exists
• Increase available capacity
• CBRS OnGo for U.S.


Connect your assets with products from MultiTech.

Check out our broad portfolio of off-the-shelf, configurable products. And don't forget we also offer expert professional services for customer product and solution design. 

Routers & Modems

Already know what you're looking for? Find your match and shop online for available product SKUs with our convenient product selector.


It's our job to enable your industry.

MultiTech enables next-generation connected products and services so your organization can quickly realize the benefits of IoT and achieve true digital transformation.

Smart Spaces

Leverage the latest LoRa® and private or public cellular technology to gain insights into your building systems for:

  • Sustainability
  • Facilities Management
  • Video Surveillance



Smart Energy

Our industrial solutions are well suited to the needs of heavy industry, enterprise and critical infrastructure including: 

  • Renewables
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities



Smart Environments

Integrated IoT devices connect real time data to make informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth, smarter spending and better services:

  • Weather 
  • Air Quality
  • Occupancy



What our customers are asking is what we're talking about.

As a global leader in connected device technology with more than 50 years of proven experience, there's one thing you can be sure of — We. Know. IoT. Check here often for useful guidance, hot topics and forward looking insights from the experts at MultiTech.

Insiders Guide to LPWA.

As founding members of the LoRa Alliance, we were among the first to develop, commercialize and scale LoRa technology, we have the experience to guide you in selecting the right LPWA and implementing your new LoRaWAN-enabled solution.


It's time to upgrade to LTE.

Undoubtedly you have heard that cellular carriers are always upgrading their networks. What you might have missed, is their plans to shutdown older network technologies. Don't get left behind. MultiTech is here to help navigate these changes and enable your application well into the future.


5G in Reality:

If? When? How?

MultiTech's own Daniel Quant, Vice President of Strategic Development lays out the current status and promise of 5G for the industrial internet of things to the readers of Embedded Computing Design.



Get to know us better.

We're committed to making your work and all of our lives better by leveraging sensor and communications technology to bring systems and processes into the future, and drive streams and efficiencies with actionable data. Ready to get started?