"Software is eating the World"

In 2011, Marc Andreesen contributed an essay to The Wall Street Journal about the importance of software to our digital future. Naturally, as a hardware supplier, we took notice. But it wasn't Andreesen's wisdom or IoT technology trends that drove us to expand our software offerings, but customer demands. The goal: to make development, deployment and management of IoT technology solutions as simple as possible.

When it comes to IoT innovation, companies must remain versatile with their offerings to keep up. MultiTech’s long history with this technology gives us the experience to develop powerful and intuitive software for a wide range of applications.

Programmable embedded software provides enhanced security and enables task execution at the edge for reduced latency and cost optimization.

mPower™ Edge Intelligence is a new embedded software offering, building on its popular application enablement platform, to deliver programmability, network flexibility, enhanced security and manageability for scalable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.

mPower represents the unification and evolution of well-established MultiTech smart router and gateway firmware platforms. In addition to ongoing support of the current feature-sets, gateway customers can enjoy the additional security features currently available on the MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series.

mPower Edge Intelligence simplifies integration with a variety of popular upstream IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data management and analytics, while also providing the programmability and processing capability to execute critical tasks at the edge of the network to reduce latency; control network and cloud services costs, and ensure core functionality – even in instances when network connectivity may not be available.

In response to evolving customer security requirements, mPower Edge Intelligence incorporates a host of new security features including signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall and VPN settings, secure authentication and more.

For a complete list of software specifications, read the mPower brochure.

LENS® LoRaWAN® Network Management

MultiTech LENS® – a revolutionary toolset for secure, distributed, scalable LoRaWAN® enterprise networks, designed to enable easy and efficient deployment and management of their own LoRaWAN network at scale. LENS provides centralized key management for LoRaWAN end devices, and configuration and control of Conduit® gateways. 


MultiTech DeviceHQ®

Cloud-based Application Store and Device Management

MultiTech DeviceHQ® is a cloud-based tool set for managing the latest generation of MultiTech devices. DeviceHQ takes remote device management and maintenance to a new level, by providing an application marketplace, allowing users to browse applications or build their own then easily deploy them to and customize them for remote devices from anywhere.


Connection Manager

Software Automation Tool for Management of Cellular Modem Connectivity

MultiTech Connection Manager – a software solution designed to greatly simplify and ease the installation, configuration and management of cellular connectivity in MultiTech USB and serial cellular modems that lack intelligence to manage these functions. Connection Manager ensures that IoT edge applications using cellular backhaul can always communicate to the Internet whenever needed by ensuring the cellular connection is always ready for transmission, ensuring the smooth operation of real-world IoT use cases.