common custom cover page issues

Common issues when creating a custom cover page with Acrobat Pro are to leave "Check Spelling" for the form fields enabled and to leave the "Font Size" configured as "Auto" instead of a fixed point sized when creating a custom cover page.

If "Check Spelling" is enabled on the "Options" tab of the "Properties" dialog box of the form fields, the faxes will be not be sent. There will be no evidence of the modems dialing out on the "Status & Logs/Modem Log" page. The fax failure receipt sent to the sender will show the "Schedule Message" as "Cover page error".

If the "Font Size" is configured as "Auto" on the "Appearance" tab of the "Properties" dialog box, the fax will be sent out by the FaxFinder but the form fields will not be auto-filled in by the FaxFinder with the sender and recipient information etc. The "Font Size" needs to be configured as a fixed point size.

If "Check Spelling" is enabled and "Auto" is configured for the "Font Size" the fax will be sent but the cover page will not have any fields auto filled either. When the fields do not get auto filled there is nothing to check spelling for so there is no cover page error flag getting set.