You cannot place two simultaneous data calls.

- You may not have ordered an ISDN line configuration that supports two simultaneous calls. Check your contract or latest statement of service from your ISDN provider. Also, your ISDN provider may have programmed the switch incorrectly. Call the provider
- You may have misconfigured your TA to dial two simultaneous data calls. The command AT&J1&W0<cr>is used to indicate whether outgoing calls should be made on two B-channels by default.
- You may be using the wrong bundling dial modifier (e.g.,AT7853500&7853502<CR>). The ampersand in this command string is correct. Note other valid characters joining two telephone numbers include Plus Sign(+) and an Exclamation Mark(!).
Note: In Windows 95, if you use the Country Code and Area Code box is checked in the Properties window for dial-up connection, the bundling modifier(i.e.,&, + or !) is removed from the dialing string when you attempt to make a connection. The solution is to not check the Use Country Code and Area Code box or to simply add the bundling dial modifier to the phone number at the time of connection.