Won't access Novell network in DOS

{To view in WORD with formatting, see https://webfiles.multitech.com/pcmcia-drivers/dos/dos and pcmcia on a network.doc}

To install in DOS, you need a way to enable it. This can be done with PCMCIA Card Services that are sometimes provided by the manufacturer of the laptop. If you do not have these, then you will need an Enabler provided by Multi-Tech Systems Inc..

Requirements: Software / OS. Client: Novell Netware 5.1 32 bit Client for DOS/Win 3.11 for Work Groups. Server: Novell Small Business Server 5.1 Misc: lmodi.com and lmodi.ins = Multi-Tech Systems Inc LAN modem drivers. It replaces the NIC driver. DOS enabler file, carden.exe. Version 1.5 of the card drivers. Hardware: MT5634ZLX/E or MT5634ZLXI/E Laptop / Notebook

1) Copy the Enabler and Netware folder from the Multi-Tech Systems Inc install diskette to the C: drive.

2) Copy LMODI.COM and LMODI.INS from Multi-Tech Systems Inc install folder to C:\Novell\Client32 (You will have to create this folder if you haven’t installed the Client32 yet. This file MUST be here prior to installing Client32). In rare instances, you may have to copy LMODI.COM and LMODI.INS from a related card to make this work.

3) Insert the card in to an available slot in the laptop.

4) Run carden.exe from the DOS prompt. Note the IRQ, and I/Oaddress. You need to modify the net.cfg file in c:

5) Install the client from the Novell CD.

6) On the page where it asks for what type of install, leave it default (only DOS client checked).

7) When asked for the NIC driver, chose 16bit, user defined and type in the location of LMODI.COM. See Notes N1 and N2.

8) Once the files are copied from the install, hit enter to return to the command prompt.

9) Reboot Once rebooted, you should be attached to the network, and be able to logon.

You should be logged on as Admin to transfer files. For the modem portion, use the results from Step 4 of the "...Novell 5.1 ..." install in your application. These would go where the application asks for the Com Port information.

Troubleshooting: T1).

Run CARDEN.EXE from the folder where it’s installed. You should get a response with the IRQ (NIC IRQ), I/O, COM Port and MIR (modem IRQ). If not, try a different slot. If you still have no luck, try a different version of CARDEN.EXE. MAKE SURE ALL OF THE DONGLES OR CABLES ARE CONNECTED TO THE CARD WHEN RUNNING THE ENABLERS!! You do not need the phone cable or Ethernet plugged in to the dongles at this time. The information generated here will be used editing NET.CFG.

Card is enabled, but does not get a logon, or errors occur when loading Client32. Make sure you have the same IRQ and I/O in NET.CFG as what CARDEN.EXE displayed. Also, you need to modify the line in STARTNET.BAT so it loads the Multi-Tech Systems Inc NIC driver instead of any other driver. See Notes N1 and N2.

Run the diagnostic program that is on your driver diskette in the DIAGNOST folder. If your card has dongles, attach them now. YOU MUST HAVE THE DONGLES ATTACHED FOR THIS TO WORK!! Run carden.exe first, then the diagnostic program. If this passes, the card and dongles (if applicable) are fine. It is a configuration issue in your client software. NOTES: Bold area is the addition or modification

Example of C:\Novell\Client32\NET.CFG; (Note Link Driver LMODI is the Multi-Tech Systems Inc driver. ) ;Link Driver LANSUP ; IRQ 10 ; LINK STATIONS 1 Link Driver LMODI PORT 320 INT 10 FRAME Ethernet_802.2 NetWare DOS Requester FIRST NETWORK DRIVE F NETWARE PROTOCOL NDS BIND

ovell\client32\lmodi.com LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\LSLC32.NLM LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\PC32MLID.LAN LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\TRANNTA.NLM LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\IPX.NLM LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\SPX_SKTS.NLM LOAD C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\CLIENT32.NLM N3) Enabler’s: Carden.exe = For the Modem / Network combo cards. Run from the command line to get the com port, I/O address and IRQ for your application. Lanen.exe, is for the MT10ZLX and the MT10100ZLX network cards. Run from the command line to get the com port, I/O address and IRQ for your application. Mdmen113.exe = For the MT5634ZLX series modems. Run from the command line to get the com port, I/O address and IRQ for your application. Enabler.exe, is strictly for the legacy LT products. Run from the command line to get the com port, I/O address and IRQ for your application.