Will the MultiVOIP support a non-telephone use, i.e. simulate two pairs of wire (4 wire leased lines), without the use of dial-tones, dialing, etc.?


I'm looking for a way to replace several existing telco 4 wire leased audio lines between our television studio and transmitter sites. This includes interconnecting several two way radio base stations and remote transmitters, several modems connected by 4 wire leased lines, and possibly several dialup modems (presently using ordinary dialup lines). It appears that the MultiVOIP series (MVP210-410-810) may be a candidate.


You may use the MVP210/410/810 for 4 wire leased line and/or modem dialup connections. The VOIPs would have to configured for E&M pass thru for 4 wire leased line operation and be configured for FXS for modem dialup. In E&M pass thru, there is no dial tone involved. In the FXS port, the VOIPs generate dial tone, where you connect the modem directly to the FXS jack.