Why do I get a 'No MultiVOIP was found' message when I try to configure it thru the serial cable?


Ethernet seems to be working fine on this box, as I get a link light/activity lights, but the serial interface seems to be gone.


Try the following procedure:
1) Have unit powered off
2) Connect command cable RJ45 to unit and DB25 or DB9 to windows computer serial com port.
3) Bring up terminal software (Ex. HyperTerminal )
4) Set terminal program for direct to com port (Com 1,2 or your port#)
5) Set terminal com port settings for 19200 or 115,200, 8,1,N and flow control none
19,200 is supported for the following models, mvp110/120/200/400/800
115,200 is supported for mvp130/210/410/810/2400/2410/3010
6) Power up the unit, and it should display info while it boots up If no info displays, then contact Tech Support for repair instructions.