Which VPN access approach has the best security, is easiest to set-up and will work if you dial-up using AOL as your ISP?


For a remote PC, you offer 3 ways for that PC to use VPN to access a 550/600/660 VPN device:

- Sentinel IPSec sw
- Native IPSec in Windows XP or 2000

What are the pros and cons of these different approaches so I can pick the best one for each situation?


PPTP is the easiest of all three. It is free, built into all Windows and is very easy to setup. It works well behind a NAT / firewall that supports PPTP pass-thru.

The Sentinel IPsec and Windows IPsec clients are used because some customers do not like Microsoft and they don't think PPTP is secure enough for a VPN.

All the three clients should work with AOL as long as it uses a public IP address.