Which FFx40 series of FaxFinders are vulnerable to Spectre/Meltdown (Kernel Side-Channel Attacks)?

The FFx20 and FFx30 series of FaxFinder products are NOT vulnerable. See https://support.multitech.com/support/case.html?action=view&id=86399

MultiTech's FaxFinder products in the FFx40 series that do NOT have a .R1 or .R2 use the Intel Atom D Series processor (e.g. FF240, FF440, FF840, FF240-IP-2). According to Intel, that processor is not affected by Spectre/Meltdown. These FaxFinders typically have a black chassis.

FaxFinders in the FFx40 series with a .R1 or .R2 use the Intel Celeron N Series which IS affected (e.g. FF240.Rx, FF440.Rx, FF840.Rx, FF240-IP-2.Rx, where .Rx is .R1 or .R2). These FaxFinders typically have a blue chassis.


To verify which processor you have:
1) SSH to the FaxFinder
2) Give the following command

cat /proc/cpuinfo

3) Verify that the CPU info in the response is in fact "Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D410   @ 1.66GHz". If so, then it is not affected. If it is the "Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2807  @ 1.58GHz", then it IS affected.

As of January 8, 2018, MultiTech does not have a firmware update for the FFx40.R1/.R2 or FF240-IP-2.R1/.R2 models to address Spectre/Meltdown.