When you send a fax with WinFax PRO 10.xx, you may see this error message 'Fax/Modem Alert: error setting up your communication port state'.

Solution: The problem is due to the WinFax PRO modem configuration settings. To solve the problems, configure your modem in the WinFax PRO software for a lower speed.

To configure the modem:

- Open WinFax and click WinFAx PRO Message Manager.
- Click Tools, and then click Program Setup.
- Choose Modems and Communications Devices and then click Properties.
- Choose the modem and click Properties.
- Select a speed that is lower than the current setting in the "Initialize at" box. For instance, if the current setting is 38400, change it to 19200.
- Click Apply and then click OK.

The software must be set for 38400 or slower to be able to communicate with the modems for Fax Class 2 operation. It's a bug with the software.