When trying to run the FaxFinder Clinet Software, the error message Error Changing Settings for the FaxFinder Printer: Error Setting Printer Output Directory. Full Access Rights to the Printer are Required on Windows Vista and Server 2008 pops up.

This error message occurs when the permission "Manage This Printer" is not enabled for the currently logged on Windows User account of a Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008 system.

While logged into Windows with administrator rights, go to the Printers menu of Windows, right click on the Multi-Tech FaxFinder printer and select Printer Properties, then select the Security tab. Make sure the Manage This Printer check box is checked for the specific User or User Group that the user is a member of.

To install the FaxFinder Client Software (a process that adds the Multi-Tech FaxFinder Printer to the system), the Windows account must have administrator rights (administrator of the local machine or domain). The enabled permission settings of the FaxFinder printer for this administrator account will be "Print", "Manage Printer" and "Manage Documents". If the Administrator logs off and a Windows User without administrator rights logs onto the computer - this user will only have the "Print" permission. This is sufficient if the Windows operating system is 2000, XP or 2003. If the operating system is Vista, 2008 or 7, the "Manage This Printer" permission will need to be enabled for this user.

To uninstall the FaxFinder Client Software you need to have administrator rights (with Manage Printer permission).