When called fax answering tones are not immediately heard from FaxFinder

FF130, FF230, FF430, FF830

When someone sends a fax to the FaxFinder they may report when the ringing stops they do not immediately hear fax answer tones from FaxFinder. They may consider this to be a problem with the FaxFinder or the call and the person may hang up the call and try the fax again repeatedly.

The FaxFinder will typically log these calls in Fax Log as failures and may indicate call was a “voice call.”

This is normal FaxFinder behavior when the FaxFinder modems are set for DTMF routing or other Custom Routing Definition. When sending a fax to the FaxFinder the person sending the fax needs to press the start button on their Fax Machine regardless of what they hear on the phone line.

In FaxFinder Fax Configuration menu, if modem routing is set for “DTMF Digits” (or any other choice other than “Pots Line”) the FaxFinder will answer calls in voice mode and wait to hear DTMF digits/tones from phone system indicating an extension number. The FaxFinder will stay in voice mode until the amount of digits specified in Max Extension Digits on Fax Configuration screen is received or 15 seconds has passed maximum. Then FaxFinder will change to fax mode and issue answering tones.

If FaxFinder lines are set to DTMF Digits or any other routing method other than “Pots Line” make sure Maximum Extension Digits specified for each FaxFinder modem is equal to the amount of DTMF digits the phone system is actually sending.

If phone system is sending 4 DTMF tones, set Maximum Extension Digits to 4. In this manner once the 4 digits are received, the modems will switch to Fax Mode and begin sending answer tones. If Maximum Extension Digits is set to 10, and phone systems sends only 4, the FaxFinder will wait the entire 15 second timeout period to receive additional digits before changing to Fax mode and sending answer tones. By specifying the correct quantity of digits it will considerably reduce the amount of time it takes to switch to Fax Mode and person listening on phone line will hear fax tones sooner.

If having issues with specific sending locations, instruct them they will need to call the FaxFinder phone number and either
A. Immediately press start on fax machine and not wait to hear fax answer tones.
B. Wait longer before aborting call, approximately 15 seconds to hear Fax answer tones, then hit start button on fax machine.