What types of connections will the MultiVOIP support?

The H.323 protocol can support FXS, FXO and E&M combinations of PBX connectivity. H.323 support to PBX's that support H.323 may work, but in some instances are not compatible. Please contact MultiTech Systems regarding H323 support. 1-800-328-9717.

Multi-Tech's proprietary implementation supports three main types of connections: FXS, FXO, and E&M. Following are examples of such combinations:

An FXS-to-FXS circuit may use a standard (analog) telephone or key telephone system connected at each endpoint.

An FXS-to-FXO circuit may use a standard (analog) telephone or key telephone system CO or Line port at one end and uses an analog PBX station port at the other endpoint.

An FXO-to-FXO circuit uses an analog PBX station ports at each endpoint.

An E&M-to-E&M circuit uses PBX trunk card connections at each endpoint.

Other combinations include:
· E&M wink to FXS ground
· E&M dial tone to FXS loop
· E&M dial tone to FXO loop

The MultiVOIP supports connections to standard (analog) telephones and key telephone systems using its FXS or FXO port(s).

Station-side (extension) connections to the PBX are done by connecting the MultiVOIP's FXO port to an analog station-side (extension) port on the PBX.

Trunk connections to the PBX require a special (analog)trunk card within the PBX and use the E&M port on the MultiVOIP. If one of the MultiVOIPs is connected to a PBX trunk, then the corresponding channel in the other MultiVOIP must be connected to another E&M circuit.