What software and other hardware is required for the installation and use of a MultiVOIP over a 56K bandwidth connection?

If this is a new unit, the MultiVOIP configuration software will be on the CD you received with the unit. If it is not new, or you do not have the CD, current released versions of VOIP software can downloaded from:


There are a couple things I would like to mention about using the MVP800 over a 56K connection. The first is the fact the MVP800 is Ethernet-only. It will not work over a 56K dial-up connection. The second is that the VOIP requires a minimum of about 17K bandwidth per channel. With a 56K connection, you would only be able use 3 VOIP channels at any one time, assuming the entire 56K was dedicated to the voip. To use all 8 channels simultaneously, you would need a bare-minimum of 136K bandwidth available to the voip. These are the absolute minimum values for successful VOIP operation. Allowing 25-30K per channel will afford you better performance and will leave more room for configuration changes to correct potential voice problems you may experience.