What is the latest firmware version supported by this device. If there is a newer version, can we have it, or can we download it from your ftp site.

To determine what version of firmware the VOIP is currently running, connect it to HyperTerminal. In HyperTerminal, go to File | Properties | Configure | General | Data Connection Preferences and set Port Speed to 19200bps with No Flow Control. Also in HyperTerminal, go to File | Properties | Configure | Advanced | Hardware Settings and set Data Bits = 8, Parity = none, Stop Bits = 1.

- Type "login" (without the quotes) from the Hyperterminal prompt and you will be given the telnet configuration menu.

- Choose [1] Voice over IP Configuration and press<Enter>.

- Select [3] System Information from the next menu and press<Enter>.

The<<System Information>>menu will tell you the Firmware Version that the MultiVOIP is currently running. You must use the version of configuration software that matches this version.

The MVPx00 is capable of running both H.323 and Multi-Tech proprietary firmware. The current versions of both can be downloaded from the SUPPORT portion of the MultiTech Web site. The exact URL may change (during occasional updates of our Web site). However, at this writing, the SUPPORT portion of our Web site is at: