What is the difference between the MVP800 and MVP810?

There are several differences between the MVP800 and MVP810. Here are the most notable.

- The MVP810 is built on a different hardware platform, which includes a faster processor.

- The MVP800 will run either our proprietary, or H.323 firmware. The MVP810 is H.323 only and does not support proprietary mode. It will communicate flawlessly with our older models that are running current H.323 firmware.

- The MVP810 supports communication with 3rd party VOIP devices over all 8 channels. The MVP800 will only communicate with 3rd party devices using four channels or less.

- The MVP810 interface is patterned after that of our digital voips. Gone is the Host-Client phonebook utilized by our older voips. The new voips include separate Inbound and Outbound phonebooks that are much more robust. The new phonebook offers you greater flexibility and should ease the task of integrating the voip with an existing phone system. Basically, the Outbound Phonebook contains numbers the 810 dials to reach the remote voips and the Inbound Phonebook contains the numbers the remote units would dial to reach the MVP810.

- The MVP810 offers support for both the SIP and H.323 telephony protocols, as well as support for other protocols that will not be offered in the MVP800.

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