What is the E&M pin out configuration for an Avaya Magix analog 4 wire setup?

Below is a pinout example from our MultiVoIP to a Magix PBX. If the pinout assignment on your PBX is different, map the pinout accordingly. Please note the difference regarding grounding pin 7 from the MultiVoIP vs. using the ground screw on the MultiVoIP chassis, depending on the model, which is listed below the pin out example.

MultiVoIP E&M RJ45 Jack Magix 400 E&M TIE Card RJ45 Jack

M input 1 -------------------------------- 6 M mouth control
E output 2 -------------------------------- 3 E ear control
T1 4-wire output 3 -------------------------------- 1 T1 tip 1 receive
R 4-wire input, 2-wire 4 -------------------------------- 4 R ring transmit
T 4-wire input, 2-wire 5 -------------------------------- 5 T tip transmit
R1 4-wire output 6 --------------------------------- 2 R1 ring 1 receive
SG (signal grn)output 7 --------------------------------- Chassis ground screw SB (signal battery) output
8 Unused

Models mvp200, 400, 800 use pin 7 for the ground connection to the Magix chassis ground screw.

Models mvp210, 410, 810 use the ground screw on the voip chassis to the Magix chassis ground screw.