What are the differences between the MTAC-LORA-H hardware revisions?

For the MTAC-LORA-H cards, Rev. A wasn't released, Rev. B was sampled to some, and Rev. C is the current release. The differences between A/B and C is that Rev. C MTAC-LORA-H cards can reliably have the FPGA updated to version 0.31 and Rev. C has power circuit efficiency enhancements so that dual-card installations in Conduits are possible. The Rev. A/B cards had issues with reliability in upgrading FPGA firmware AND they shipped with 0.28 FPGA firmware (but can have 0.31, which is the recommended version). Rev. C cards shipped for a short time with FPGA firmware 0.28 but then switched to 0.31. Other than that, the MTAC-LORA-H cards function about the same with Rev. C being the preferred revision.

QUESTION: Is there a way to determine which hardware revision you have without looking at the serial number or the physical PCB of the accessory card?

ANSWER: No. You COULD use the FPGA utility in the Conduit to check the FPGA firmware version. If the Conduit has mLinux 3.3.12 or newer, then it has the FPGA utility. Check the FPGA version with the following command:
--> mts-fpga-loader -c

If it is 0.31 then you most likely have Rev. C. HOWEVER, any of the revisions could have 0.31 FPGA firmware and some Rev. C shipped with FPGA 0.28. The best is to just look at the PCB hardware for the revision or supply the serial number to MultiTech for us to check on it.

QUESTION: Is there a way to tell if you have the MTAC-LORA or MTAC-LORA-H without looking at the label on the card itself?

ANSWER: Yes. In the commandline of the Conduit, give the following command:
admin@mtcdt:~# mts-io-sysfs show lora/*

The MTAC-LORA will have a response with "MTAC-LORA-1.0" while the MTAC-LORA-H card will have a response with "MTAC-LORA-1.5".