We will have a dedicated T1 with one 800 number tied to it for outside salesmen to dial into and check e-mail. Will this equipment plug straight into the smart jack provided by the carrier or will we need to provide a CSU?


Will this equipment answer in ascending, descending or least idle order? Is it possible to use a partial T1 instead of all 24 channels?


Yes, the MultiAccess will plug directly into the Smart Jack (a CSU is not needed). The MultiAccess does not control which channel of the T1 line the call comes in on. The MultiAccess does not control the call distribution (this is a function of the line\line provider\central office). Whatever channel the call comes in on - our modem associated with that channel will auto answer.

Yes - a fractional T1 service\line is supported. If the telco only sends calls to us on channels 1-4 (for example) then so be it. In a partial\fractional T1 line - there actually is 24 channels on the line - but the associated central office equipment is only using\looking at certain pre-defined channels. So if the telco (the central office switch) never sends us a call on channels 5-24 it is of no consequence to the MultiAccess.