We recently bought two VoIP Gateways model MVP800 and models MVP210/410/810. We tried to configure the four gateways to interact with each other, but there is no communication between models.

The MVP800 ships with version 3.01H of our proprietary firmware loaded. The MVP210/410/810s do not support this proprietary firmware and will not be able to communicate with it. You must load version 3.52 of our H.323 firmware on the MVP800's before they will communicate with the MVP210, 410 and 810.

Go to http://www.multitech.com/en_US/SUPPORT/Families/MultiVOIP/firmware and scroll down to the listing for the MVP400 (the MVP400 and 800 share firmware). Download REL352.EXE to a clean directory on your hard drive. Double-click the icon the file creates and it will open up to include disk1 and disk2 directories, as well as a readme.txt file. Follow the instructions in the readme for installing the software and upgrading the MVP800's.

Note that your mvp800 must have 2 SIMMS installed before it will support H.323. You can open the front panel, and the SIMMS will be located on the front left corner as you are facing the front of the mvp800.

The MVP210/410/810 do not use the same host/client relationship in the phonebook that the MVP800 uses. You must create separate inbound and outbound phonebook entries in the 210/410/810. Basically, the outbound phonebook contains the numbers the VOIP is allowed to call to reach a remote MultiVOIP. The inbound phonebook contains the numbers a remote voip must dial to call the 210/410/810.

The entries you create in the 210/410/810 inbound phonebook must appear in the MVP800 phonebook, mapped to the 210/410/810 IP address, to allow calls from the MVP800 to the 210/410/810. Conversely, the entries you create in the MVP800's phonebook for itself must appear in the 210/410/810 outbound phonebook to allow calls in the other direction.