We normally use the same preshared key for authentication in both RF660's that will tunnel to each other. However, it also offers RSA Signature as an alternative to a preshared key, how do I use RSA Signature for authentication on the RF660VPN?


I have heard that, in theory, an RSA Signature is a much more secure way to authenticate than by using a preshared key

1) Do you have any documentation on how to use RSA Sig for authentication on the RF660VPN? esp. how do you determine the public key of an RF660VPN device so you can enter it in the other RF660VPN?

2) Is there any way to use RSA Sig instead of preshared key for RF550VPN, esp when connecting them to an RF660VPN at the host site?


RSA Sig is only supported between two RF660VPN's. RSA Sig is outdated and it is hardly supported by other third parties. The RF550VPN does not support RSA Sig.

RSA Sig can not be mixed with current preshare key.

When using RSA Sig on the RF660VPN, it will generate one of the keys and the other key will be generated by the other side. You will have to do some cut and paste for the keys.