We have an RF600VPN and since last week, the router would not allow me to login through Web Administration. But, I did not change the password. Is there a way such as pushing a button on the panel to reset the router to default status?

There is no reset button on the RF600VPN / RF660VPN. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the back of the RouteFinder and try to login locally using "root" as the login name. If you can login, type in command "reboot"; this will restart the box. After the box comes back up, try to see if you can login though WebAdmin to the box again. Make sure your PC is configure to be on the same subnet as the RF600VPN. If you cannot, type in anything at the local console, power off and on, and see if it can recover automatically.

If this procedure fails, the only way to recover is reinstall from the System CD. There is no internal CD-ROM driver, you will need to have a standard CD-ROM drive to reinstall the software.

See Resolution 2914 for information on how to reinstall the software.