We have a PBX machine with an E1 port at loacation 'A' and a PBX machine with NO E1 port at location 'B'. Can we connect the 30-Port VOIP at location 'A' to some equipment at Location 'B' that has no E1 port?

Location A can use our MVP3010. This is a 30/60-Port E1/PRI VOIP Gateway that will interface to the E1 card in the PBX.

Location B can use our analog MultiVOIP models MVP210 (2-port), MVP410 (4-port), or MVP810 (8-port), if their PBX has analog ports available. They can use any combination of the above three models to give them the required number of ports - for example, 3 -MVP810, 1-MVP410, and 1-MVP210 would equal 30 total ports. The PBX would need a total of 30 analog station or line ports available - one for each analog MultiVOIP port.

General information about the above MultiVOIP models can be found on our web site at