We are using the RF550 in our branches and an RF660 as a central point where we monitor our network. However, the problem is, as an ISP, we cannot monitor inside the VPN between the nodes.


We know that in the RF550 you can see if the VPN is Active or not in DEVICE STATUS; you can also see if the VPN is active or not in the RF660 IPSec LIVE LOG. However, sometimes these are not true results. We started to configure the VPNs with manual connections because it seems to work better, but in the RF550, in Device Status, the VPN is always active even if not and there are no results for traffic even if there is traffic.

- How can we verify that there is traffic between nodes?

- Can we PING between nodes (inside VPN connection)?

- Do you have any solution that an ISP can use to monitor VPN CONNECTIONS, (i.e. monitoring software)?


To see the traffic incrementing in manual mode on the RF550VPN, you need to use firmware version V4.65

Yes, you can ping between nodes within the two LANs over the VPN tunnels. This is a good way to verify if the IPsec tunnel is still active.

Currently we do not have monitor software. This is in our roadmap for the future.