We are using an MVP130-AV at a remote office to connect a fax machine to the LAN/MAN and use our Avaya PBX approximately 20 miles away. I need some help figuring out how to get faxes through successfully.

With the MVP130-AV connected directly to Avaya Communication Managersetup there are two different ways to setup faxing:

1. Set the voip to fax enabled, mode T.38, speed 9600....Match the Avaya codec set to T.38 fax, modem relay off


2. Set the voip to fax disabled, have the coder set to G.711 U-law...Under the Avaya codec set have the fax mode set to passthrough mode, modem relay off, coder matched at G.711 U-law

You could try both of these modes to see which works better on your setup..