We are having a problem with the RouteFinders, in that when we take a network device (PC, Laptop or RF-equipped PDA) from the main office to the remote office, the device is unable to communicate with the main office.


RouteFinders connect up to our main office with a remote office via a T1 line. The Routfinders are Model MTASR2-203, running V3.03 of firmware. We have the RouteFinders set up in Bridging Mode (w/ Spanning Tree turned off), so that the remote office is part of the same IP subnet as the main office.

We suspect that the problem is caused by the RouteFinder at the main office still having the MAC address for the device in it, preventing replies to the device from passing over the T1. Rebooting the routers fixes the problem, and allows the moved device to communicate as desired.


Version 3.05 fixes this MAC address problem and can be downloaded from our FTP site at: