We are facing a disconnect problem with FXO to FXO.

Typically we see the FXO to FXO disconnect problem when the connected PABX does not drop current at the end of the call so the VOIP still sees the current and assumes the call is still in progress. There are four possible solutions for this:

1) Check to see if disconnect on current loss can be enabled on the PABX..

2) If there is silence in either direction after the call is done, then disconnect on silence detection can be used, set to the number of seconds you choose.

3) Enable disconnect on tone detection and choose the DTMF tones you want to disconnect with.

4) If the VOIP model is a new platform model like the MVP210,410,810, then disconnect on call progress tone can be enabled in the interface menu, to disconnect the voip when hearing a reorder tone from the PBX port. The busy cadence may need to be adjusted for this to work. Consult with your PBX manufacurer to identify the reorder tone produced by the PBX. This value should be entered in the regional custom setting for Busy Tone.