We acquired a new computer, and after connecting the Terminal Adapter to Serial com1, the configuration wizard always shows the message 'could not find ISDN TA'. What can I do?

First make sure that no other application is using COM 1. If you think the ISDN TA is not in use but the DTR light on the TA is on, then some application is using that COM port.

Download an updated version of the configuration utility at:

You need to install the old configuration utility then replace the ISDNTA.exe with the latest one. If the MTA128ST has already been configured through another system then it should still have those same settings and does not need to be reconfigured. You just need to install it on the new system.

There is also a way to configure the MTA128ST using the application HyperTerminal.

If you open Programs>Accessories>Communications>HyperTerminal and choose the connect using option>direct to the com port the MTA128ST is connected to then type: AT@CONFIG<cr>

This will open a config menu embedded in the MTA128ST.