WARNING regarding upgrading AEP or mLinux

TOPIC: Upgrading AEP or mLinux from older versions to newer versions needs to include ALL PARTITIONS. In particular, AEP 1.7.x+/5.x+ and mLinux 4.1.x+/5.x+ have had several changes to all partitions.


PROBLEM: The bootstrap, U-boot, uImage (the kernel), and rootfs partitions are intentionally compiled and bundled together. If any one of the partitions is updated and the others are not, then there may be periodic system crashes. For example, mts-io may crash during boot.

SOLUTION: Make sure that all of the partitions are updated to the versions bundled in the downloaded package. For customers upgrading AEP via web UI, this is done automatically. For upgrades via command line, then use the upgrade binaries. If upgrading via feeds/packages, then the bootstrap and U-boot partitions need to be upgraded separately (upgrade those partitions first before performing the package upgrades).