View and copy log files:

View and copy log files:

You can view all log files as user root with the command:
gunzip -c LOG_FILE_NAME | less -S You get an online help by pressing "h" within less and quit less with "q".

To copy logs from the RF650VPN box to your server use the 'scp' command (you must running a ssh server on the target machine): scp -v LOG_FILE_NAME USERNAME@YOUR_SERVER:/PATH or copy from your server to the RF650VPN box: (to do this you have to copy the log file to /tmp with the command 'cp LOG_FILE_NAME /tmp'
Thats because only the loginuser can login via scp.) scp -v loginuser@ASL_IP:/tmp/LOG_FILE_NAME . (you must have a scp tool).

You can get SSH tools here: