V.35 interface cable specifications (pin out) for connection between FRAD and DSU:

V.35 Adapter Cable Configured as an RS232C/V.35 Link Cable

V.35 34-PIN 25-PIN
A ------------------------------------------------------- 1 PROTECTIVE GROUND
B ------------------------------------------------------- 7 SIGNAL GROUND
C ------------------------------------------------------- 4 REQUEST TO SEND
D ------------------------------------------------------- 5 CLEAR TO SEND
E ------------------------------------------------------- 6 DATA SET READY
F ------------------------------------------------------- 8 DATA CARRIER DETECT
H ------------------------------------------------------ 20 DATA TERMINAL READY
P ------------------------------------------------------ 2 TRANSMIT DATA A
R ------------------------------------------------------ 3 RECEIVE DATA A
S ------------------------------------------------------ 12 TRANSMIT DATA B
T ------------------------------------------------------ 22 RECEIVE DATA B
U ------------------------------------------------------ 23 EXTERNAL TX CLOCK A
V ------------------------------------------------------ 17 RECEIVE CLOCK A
W ----------------------------------------------------- 25 EXTERNAL TX CLOCK B
X ------------------------------------------------------ 18 RECEIVE CLOCK B
Y ------------------------------------------------------ 15 TRANSMIT CLOCK A
a ------------------------------------------------------ 21 TRANSMIT CLOCK B

The MultiFRAD RS232C interface circuits meet the electrical specifications given in EIA (Electronic Industries Association) RS232C and CCITT (Consultative Committee International Telegraph and Telephone) V.24 Standards.

When configured for V.35 interface operation on the link, the V.35 adapter cable should be used. This cable uses a 25-pin female connector at one end and a 34-pin winchester male connector at the other end.

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