Use Outlook Contact list to Send Outbound Faxes from Client Software

When using FaxFinder client software you may desire to use your Microsoft Outlook Contact list to send faxes from client software rather than using the contact list stored on FaxFinder.

Below are steps which would allow you to user your Outlook contacts to send a fax using FaxFinder client software version 2.1 or newer.

1. Open Client Software from Windows system tray by double clicking FaxFinder Icon or right clicking icon and selecting Show FaxFinder Client Software

2. Select Edit, Select Options

3. Select Advanced Tab, Check “include Outlook Contacts”, click “Browse”

4. Click the + symbol next to Outlook E-Mail Account, select “Contacts “ Select OK

When adding contacts to Outlook they are not automatically updated in client software. To access recently added Outlook contacts you must manual update the contacts in client software as described below.

1. Open FaxFinder Client Software

2. Select Edit, Select Options

3. Select Advanced Tab, Click “Update Outlook Contacts” then select OK

4. Select Yes

1. Select File, New Fax from client software (or generate new fax from application through the FaxFinder Printer

2. Select Contacts Button to access contacts

3. Click the Down Arrow Key in upper right portion of Window. Select Outlook Contacts

4. Select contact in upper Window, then Select, Select OK.

5. Add documents if needed, select cover page, subject, and comments if desired. Select Schedule to send fax

If a error message appears when attempting to connect to Outlook file it means there is not a valid Windows OLE path/link in the system to the Outlook file. The FaxFinder accesses Windows OLE which in turn accesses the Outlook file. If the OLE link to within Windows to Outlook does not work this is not a direct issue with the FaxFinder Client software, but an issue with the Operating system and Outlook.