Upgrade manually to stop boot light from flashing constantly

Customer may have accidentally download setup into H.323 firmware with Proprietary software. This causes the boot light to flash constantly. To recover, perform the following steps via the command cable and the serial port of your PC.

If at any time the software asks to power off the voip and back on, click OK immediately after powering on the voip.

If at any time the software prompts to "retry or cancel", click retry. If it prompts again, click retry immediately after every prompt. You may have to click retry several times.

1. Download boot code.

Note: To download, boot code, run the download firmware program. When it prompts the Open Window, change the file name from *.bin to *.upg, then hit enter. Select boot_100.upg and click OK. Continue to step 2 after the boot file transfer is complete.

2. Download factory defaults. "Click OK on the default settings and configure the voip after it has recovered."

3. Download firmware.

4. Download voice coder.

5. Download H323 stack.

6. If the boot light goes out after step 5, run multivoip configuration to configure the voip.
If the boot light does not go out, contact technical support.