UIP - setup example for UDP

Here is a simple example, you may want to modify depending on what features you plan to use for your application.The following parameters need to be configured:AT#APNSERV=[APN] AT#APNUN=[username] optional depending on cellular accountAT#APNPW=[password] optional depending on cellular accountAT#UDPSERV=[address or hostname of remote computer]AT#UDPPORT=[port number for UDP application]AT#UDPTXDELAY=[value in mS] note: must be in increments of 20The above parameters are written to non-volatile memory on execution and don't need to be resent after a power cycle or reset.Assuming the above parameters are set, after a reset or power up perform the following steps:1. wait until radio registers on the cellular network2. once registered you may want to check signal strength and log the result.3. start a data connection4. start the UDP application (serial port switches to data mode and data is exchanged via UDP with remote computer)AT+CREG? is used for checking registration status, a value of 0,1 or 0,5 means you can expect service.AT+CSQ? is used to query signal strengthAT#CONNECTIONSTART starts the data connectionAT#OUDP starts the UDP application and switches the serial port to data mode.