Troubleshooting LoRa Network Server or Packet Forwarder in AEP

1) If you monitor tcpdump on the Conduit (when the problem occurs), does it not show any traffic even though you would be expecting there to be traffic (because the pkt_fwd process should be forwarding data on to the cellular network)?

2) In AEP, the LoRa Packet Forwarder is used to communicate to the built in network server.

In the AEP web UI (Setup->LoRa->Network Server Logging), provide a file name for the log in the text box (e.g. /var/log/lora_network_server.log).

3) This command should show lora-network-server and lora_pkt_fwd processes running.
> ps -A | grep lora

4) If not running, then try this and check for processes again:
> /etc/init.d/lora-network-server start

5) If still not running, then try this:

> /etc/init.d/lora-network-server stop
> cd /opt/lora/
> ./lora-network-server -c /var/config/lora/lora-network-server.conf

If there is an error here like "-bash: ./lora-network-server: Permission denied", then there is a permissions issue on the configuration file. Add execute permissions:

> chmod +x /opt/lora/lora-network-server

Then restart:
> /etc/init.d/lora-network-server restart

5) The packet forwarder does not log anything to a file, but if it is run from the command line then it will dump information to the screen.

> cd /var/run/lora/1
> ./lora_pkt_fwd

6) Post the response to the following command:
> mts-io-sysfs show lora/*

7) If you were to bring down the PPP link, then does packet traffic resume after PPP is brought back up?

8) MTAC-LORA card to packet forwarder
--Connection is SPI or USB, the packet forwarder is using the connection so it is authority not much can be done from software while it is up.

* Some test utilities are available on MTCDT
# ls /opt/lora/gateway-utils
test_loragw_cal     test_loragw_hal     test_loragw_spi     util_pkt_logger     util_spi_stress     util_tx_test
test_loragw_gps     test_loragw_reg     util_lbt_test       util_spectral_scan  util_tx_continuous

9) To reset mCards:
All Cards
# mts-io-sysfs show lora/reset

1.5 cards should return 1
# mts-io-sysfs show lora/cdone
# mts-io-sysfs show lora/creset

To reset card
# mts-io-sysfs store lora/reset 0
# mts-io-sysfs store lora/reset 1

Test FPGA cdone should change when creset is changed
# mts-io-sysfs store lora/creset 0
# mts-io-sysfs show lora/cdone
# mts-io-sysfs store lora/creset 1
# mts-io-sysfs show lora/cdone

Post back with any error output to MultiTech's Product Support (via Support Portal) or via forums.