The terminal adapter dials but cannot make a connection.

Possible reasons the TA fails to make a connection include:
- Lack of a proper physical connection to the communication line.
- A busy signal.
- No terminal Adapter at the other end.
- A faulty communications device, computer or software at the other end.
- Incompatibility between communications devices.
- An improperly configured ISIHx terminal adapter (TA).

Narrow the list of possibilities by using extended result codes. To enable them, enter ATV1X2 and press ENTER while in terminal mode or include V1X2 in the TA's initialization string (V1X2 is enabled by default). When you dial again, the TA reports the call's progress.
- If the modem/TA reports BUSY, the other number may be busy. Try again later.
- If the TA reports NO CARRIER, no connection was made. You may have dialed the correct number, but the other computer or software was turned off or faulty. Check the number and try again or try call another system to make sure you TA is working. Also, check that you accurately configured the TA with the correct switch type, TEIs, data protocols and other parameters needed for a successful call.