The remote site is using flash hook to get voice mails at the main site. After we do it, the lines on the VoIP,s do not work again.

Download this file "" from our ftp site at:

This firmware should be update to MultiVOIP's configured as FXO.

Save the attached file to your hard drive. Double-click the icon it creates and it will unzip to include 2 firmware bin files. These bin files have the same names as the firmware files included with the released 6.09.0A firmware, so it is imperative you browse and select the bin files included in this zip file when performing the upgrade.

mvpt1.bin - Run Download Firmware from the MultiVOIP 6.09 software via a serial connection. When prompted for a file to download, browse to where you unzipped the attached firmware and select this file.

mvpt1ftp.bin - Upload this file to the MultiVOIP using ftp.