The fail light stays on, how do I get the router back to a functional state?

1.) Turn off the Router, Select Download Default Setup, Turn Power On when Prompted and hit OK immediately after power cycling.
Click through the screens and leave the defaults, then download. Does the Fail light go off? Yes - DONE,
No - Enter Hyperterminal with 19200, 8, N, 1, NO FLOW CONTROL; Again, Cycle Power and a prompt will come up similar to "Press
D to Download" - Press D immediately after seeing this message. Disconnect the Hyperterminal, but, do not exit. Then, go back to the Routefinder group and select Download Firmware option and select the appropriate BINary file MTR303.BIN or something similar.
This process will take a few minutes and the bar graph should consistently move toward 100% progress. Once this is complete, the Fail light should extinquish, Does it? Yes - DONE,
No - Reconnect the Hyperterminal Session and Cycle Power on the Router. I would like to see the capture of the booting process and maybe I can tell from this information what is going wrong.