The complete 4000 RAS is continuously rebooting during the intialization and BIOS process, after checking memory and during hardware checkup it shows unable to add 2 ISI cards in bus 0 and bus 2 slots.


I removed these 2 ISI cards and the system is back to normal. Please let me know what is the problem here with these 2 cards as they cause the system into a loop of rebooting. I tried installing one card at a time, but still the RAS 4000 complete can not add either one of the ISIPCI cards.


After removing the 2 ISI cards and the system is booting properly, go back to the DOS prompt and type in the command "restore", this will restore all the files back to the factory defaults. Then install the two ISI cards and check to see if the reboot problem still exists. If the problem still exists, try installing one ISI card at a time and see if it reboots with just one ISI card in the system.