The Proxy is not allowing a terminal emulation software package to get to a web site.

This is most likely due to UDP or TCP ports that are not open. For example: port 23 is used for Telnet. Contact the software manufacturer or vendor and find out what ports need to be open. To open ports you do the following:
Open Proxy Server Configuration in Windows by going to Start>Programs>Accessories>Proxy Server 210>Proxy Server Configuration. Open the Proxy Server button in the software by double clicking. In the window there is a Proxy Any Application. Enable this option before proceeding to add a new port number to the 'Protocol Port Name (Number)' list. Then test their application again. If this option doesn't work then you need to Add an entry. There is an Add button in the software . You can name the number you are adding first to make it easier to identify later. Then place the number in ( ) after the name. Adding an un-named port number will work too. Then click OK to approve the window. Click OK to approve the Proxy Applications Configuration. Then Download Setup. The new port number will be added once the Proxy Server boots.