The Fail RED error light stays on and when we try to configure the Proxy, we get a message that the ProxyServer is not found.

While in a HyperTerminal session, turn the Proxy Server ON and
- Press D to download when you see this message hit the terminal screen. This will allow you to perform the download of defaults and firmware manually. Assuming the Proxy Server goes into a state of "Waiting download", Disconnect the HyperTerminal Session and minimize the session.
- Uninstall the software, removing the directory, and performing a Re-Install.
note: It is important to delete the existing directory because it will contain old default configuration files that may cause a repeat of the problem.
- Now, after a new installation - Select "Wizard Setup" and DO NOT Change the IP Address Information. Complete the download of these Default Configurations and then read the configuration, if the FAIL light goes out.
- Now, you can enter the proper IP Address information. If the FAIL light is still lit, Go back to the HyperTerminal screen, cycle the power of the ProxyServer and Press the D to download and this time select the Download Firmware selection and select the Proxy210.Bin file. Give it a few minutes.