Test procedure for calling between the MVP110 and Netmeeting.

You can test calling between the MVP110 and Netmeeting, if your VOIP is running H.323 firmware - version 7.52A or newer.

Connect the VOIP and a computer running Netmeeting only to the same hub (make sure the VOIP and PC are configured to be on the same IP network and that the PC can ping the VOIP's IP address).

Make sure the VOIP phonebook contains an entry for itself. Create another phonebook entry and map it to the IP address configured on the computer that is running Netmeeting. You can use any phone numbers you wish when creating these entries (e.g. you can use 101 for the voip and 201 for the Netmeeting PC).

Configure the MVP110 for Automatic Voice Coder, assuming your Netmeeting is at default (voice coders are configured on the Voice/Fax tab of Voice Channel setup within the MultiVOIP configuration software.

In Netmeeting, go to Tools->Options->Advanced Calling to bring up the Advanced Calling Options. Place a check mark next to 'Use a gateway to call telephones and videoconferencing systems' under Gateway Settings at the bottom of this window. Enter the IP address you have configured on the MVP110 in the box next to 'Gateway:' directly below.

To call from Netmeeting to the MVP110: Use the Netmeeting phonepad to dial the number you have assigned to the MVP110 in the voip phonebook.

To call from the voip to Netmeeting: Pick up the phone connected to the MVP110 and dial the number you created for Netmeeting in the voip phonebook.