TIFF or PDF files when sent from FaxFinder are received as blank pages

FaxFinder Firmware version 2.04 and earlier

User reports they are sending a outbound Fax to FaxFinder. This outbound fax contains either a PDF file or TIFF file. When the recipient receives the Fax they report receiving blank pages.

This can occur if the TIFF file attached to the outbound fax was created using JBIG2 compression method, or when the PDF file attached to the outbound fax contains a TIFF file which was created using JBIG2 compression.

The attached .TIFF file can be examined in some image editing programs to confirm it indeed was created/saved in JBIG2 compression and is cause of issue.

The PDF file can be examined by opening the PDF file in Notepad and searching for the word “filter”which may appear several times. When searching if you see “filter/JBIG2Decode” the TIFF inside PDF was using JBIG2 compression and this confirms blank page issue relates to JBIG2.

To resolve issue with blank pages occurring due to JBIG2 compression you can do one of the following things:

1. Update FaxFinder firmware to version 2.1 or higher which will support JBIG2 compression

2. When scanning black and white files change the compression method to CCITT Group 4 rather than JBIG2 Note by default Adobe Acrobat when scanning black and white documents scans them as JBIG2.