Steps to retrieve faxes manually from the FF200 if your e-mail server is down.

On FF100, FF110, and FF200 Boxes you can use the TFTP Client to get faxes off the box (detailed below).
It’s probably best to copy all received faxes to /var/config temporarily just in case the Server reboots while you are doing this.
optional copy received faxes to /var/config. Be sure to check if there is enough space to do this.
cd /var/tmp (Xscale)
cd /var/fax_space (FF100, FF200, FF110)
check space availble in /var/config
copy recv"star".tif /var/config/.
Getting files using the TFTP Client
files have to be moved to special names in order for the tftpclient to be able to get them off the box. The file names are m0.tif, m1.tif, ... m7.tif
cd /var/tmp (xscale)
cd /var/fax_space (ff100, ff200, ff110)
mv recv0001-001.tif m0.tif
mv recv0002-001.tif m1.tif
do this for each fax
From the Windows machine bring up the Tftp Client You’ll have to browse to the Install directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\Multi-Tech Systems\TftpClient.exe)
Destination IP "IP of the Server"
Click Ascii and Get File
Local Folder "pick a place to store the files"
Remote Filename "m0.tif" (m0.tif, m1.tif ... m7.tif)
Click Get File
Be sure to mv the file (i.e. move m0.tif recv0.tif) so you don’t write over the transfered files.
when you have the files moved, be sure to go back to /var/config and remove the saved faxes.