Setup info for using XTEN eyeBeam with our MultiVoIP.

To ring through from eyeBeam to the VoIP using a SIP account setup with the following:

- Display name : Anything
- Username : 7000 (apparently this is the inbound number calling into eyeBeam)
- Domain: (IP address of the VoIP)
- Uncheck the 'register with domain' option
- Check the 'SIP listen port manual overide' and enter 5060
- Match the voice codec at G.711 U-law to the voip channels you are calling with.

From the EyeBeam phone dial any number that matches an inbound phonebook number in the VoIP.
For example, the MultiVoIP may have an inbound remove 101 set for channel 1 and inbound 102 set for channel 2. The channel dialed will ring accordingly. Create an outbound entry in the voip of destination 7000 matching the username field above....protocol SIP, change the SIP port to UDP 5060 and set the IP to the computer running eyeBeam. Dialing 7000 should then ring to eyeBeam.