Semicolon in password causes password protected screens not to work

Once an admin password has been set on the unit that contains a semicolon (;) you will be able to still login to the unit, but unable to access the screens of admin, phone book, modem config, passwords, etc. The problem can be resolved with the following steps:

1. Telnet into the unit and login with the current admin credentials.
2. From the # prompt type mefax -r1 <enter> (the "mefax -r1" command resets the userid and password of the administrator account back to admin and admin).
3. The FaxFinder should respond with
"Restore Administrator User ID and Password to factory defaults"
"Changes take effect after reboot"
4. You can then type reboot <enter> to immediately reboot your FaxFinder or if desired you can type exit <enter> which will disconnect the telnet session and you can then power the Faxfinder off and back on again at a time of your choosing.
5. Once booted back up you can log into the unit through the web interface using admin/admin for the username and password. You should be able to see the missing screens again. Go over to the password administration screen and choose a different password without a semicolon.
6. Any client or device manager installations will need to have the login properties adjusted for the new admin password if the admin login is being used.