SMS Messages Not Received – MTR-LNA7 Models

PROBLEM: When a Verizon SIM and MTR-LNA7 have different 3GPP configurations, the MTR-LNA7 will not receive SMS messages.

If this is happening to you you can check if this is happening and request for a line with a specific line configuration. 

Q: How to check what line configuration you have set on MTR-LNA7?

Go to Administration -> Debug options  -> Radio Terminal -> Show. Then Type: 

    If +QCFG: "ltesms/format",0 -> then you have send & receive 3GPP2 SMS line. 
    If +QCFG: "ltesms/format",1 -> then send & receive 3GPP SMS line. 

Further Troubleshooting if you want to check if your SIM is receiving SMS on a a particular line:
  Step 1: at+cmgf=1 ( change SMS to plain text mode Temporarily ) 
  Step 2: Send a plain text SMS to the device. 
  Step 3: Check if you received the SMS, you can use the command at+cmgl="REC UNREAD" or 
          at+cmgl="all" ( or you can also try at+cmgl=4)
  Step 4: If you don't see your SMS that you recently sent to LNA7 switch to the other line format. i.e +QCFG: "ltesms/format",0 to +QCFG: "ltesms/format",1 or vice versa.
          The commands to switch are  at+qcfg="ltesms/format",1 for 3GPP and at+qcfg="ltesms/format",0 for 3GPP2. 
          After switching repeat steps 1,2 and 3.