Rogers 4G LTE SIM Compatiblitiy Issue with certain 2G devices

When a Rogers 4G LTE SIM is inserted into certain 2G devices the device module/radio constantly resets and becomes non responsive to AT commands. When Rogers 4G LTE SIM is removed the device boots normally and AT commands can be issued. 

Obtain a Rogers 3G SIM which indicates UICC on back side of SIM card for use in the product. If you are not able to obtain a Rogers UICC SIM from your Rogers Customer Service Representative send an email to requesting one. In the email provide your contact information and indicate you need a Rogers 3G UICC SIM for use with your product because the Rogers 4G LTE SIM is not compatible with your device.

Product Note:
Some products, such as MT100A2W-G/SF100-G/SF400-G/SF800-G, intially used MultiTech's G-F4 cellular radios based on the Wavecom Q24Plus but were later switched to MultiTech's G2 cellular radios (Sierra Wireless' WMP50). The label on the product should indicate MTSMC-G-F4 or MTSMC-G2. Only the G-F4 models are affected.