Receive a 608 or 612 after only sending a few sendmsg API requests

The problem may be resolved by deleting temporary files in the /usr/local/tmp folder (/var/tmp for SF100) and rebooting the unit. Any needed temp files will be recreated after rebooting. Note that it takes thousands of these temp files before it causes the failures. It's recommend to not be sending any messages while doing these steps.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Telnet to the IP address of the iSMS on port 2222.

2. Login with admin credentials.

3. Depending on the model, enter the commands below at the # prompt -
SF100: At the # prompt enter "cd /var/tmp" (without the quotes)
SF400 or SF800: At the # prompt enter "cd /usr/local/tmp" (without the quotes)

4. Enter "ls" and note how many files are in this directory. If there are several pages, then this may be causing the 608/612 problem, continue on steps below.

5. Enter "rm file*". If you receive a "argument list too long" error, then you will have to split up the deletes into smaller chunks with the following commands: "rm file[a-z]*","rm file[A-Z]*", and then "rm file[0-9]*". If you still receive the "argument list too long", you can split up the delete even further with "rm file[a-l]*" or as much as needed.

6. Reboot the iSMS.